Know how to Satisfy Women in Bed


It’s a general thought of many young guys and all age man that how to satisfy their women in bed. Many men are unable to perform in bed and they are unhappy as they fail when the right time comes. Though women are not visual as men but it does not mean that they are not interested in what you think.

People generally watch porn movies and they just want to do the same with their partners and they don’t care what their partners want from them. It’s a common issue with many guys but this should not happen. If you want to perform well in bed then it should be effective from both end otherwise there will be no enjoyment and the entire performance will be one sided. Whatever videos are shown, they are not exactly about the feel that women feel. So before doing such type of sex, you should forget the porn movies and perform with the original. You should enjoy with your women for sometime before sex so that your sex performance can have better any time and you as well as your partner should be fulfilled.

Some of the tips and trick which you should remember before performing in bed

Understand you woman

People do their sex in hurry and due to this; they are unable to last longer in bed and at the same time they are unable to satisfy their partner. This type of doing sex is completely wrong and men should focus on their partner first, what they want from you. Doing sex is not the only aim but performing well in bed and satisfying them is also very important. Therefore men should know their lady first and perform actually what their partner want if they want to have better sex life.

Know where the clitoris is

It is important that you should know about the female anatomy along with clitoris while having sex. This is important because it can have a good impact on your sex. But if you don’t have any knowledge about it then it can also be the reasons for disappointment. Focus your attention there where your partner can feel your love and can have a better understanding between both as this understanding can help you to perform in bed. While having sex, the sex position also matters a lot and when you are comfortable in the position then don’t move because the same position is suitable for your partner also. Therefore give your women some time and don’t kill their orgasms by changing the side. By this the sexual relationship will be strong and the performance will become effective.

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