How to enhance sexual performance naturally

24048_L_sexual-performanceFor many men their sexual performance serves as powerful ego booster which makes them feel satisfied and complete. This is quite natural, since one of the two major biological functions of males is to fertilize and the other being protecting their genetic pool. Sex is considered as vital part in an intimate relationship. Sex is a central part in human cultures and a great deal of art, entertainment and the industry revolves around it.

Sex is major strive for most people, especially people in reproductive age. And the success of a relationship can be often be determined by the sexual performance of both the partners. Sexual desire does slow down with age as the hormonal rushes of the reproductive age begin to settle down. If you have stable relationship with your partner, sexual dysfunction will probably be an unlike cause for separation. The ability to enhance sexual performance can be matter of pride of some and a source of heartache for others. A few simple things can be done in your everyday life which will give you better experience for you and your partner.

Step 1: Avoid stress as it can decrease sexual desire and performance. Daily meditation and long hot bath and aromatherapy can help to relax your mind and body.

Step 2: You should speak with your physician about any medications because some medication can affect sexual drive and performance. If medications are causing any problem, then ask for alternatives or supplements that are safe to take.

Step 3: Hormones can play a major role in performance and desire so you should request for blood test to check for hormone imbalances. Hormones can be caused by menopause and pregnancy in women, and general aging for both sexes can also play havoc on hormones.

Step 4: Take herbal supplements such as horny goat week, milk thistle and black cohosh. These herbs have been known to help increase libido and stamina in men and women. They increase hormone production naturally which in turn improves sexual health.

Step 5: Problems in a relationship can lead to poor performance and narrowing down the cause can increase performance and desire. So you should attend sex counseling which will help you to bring the new feeling back to the relationship.


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