How to Boost your Testosterone level

vitamins_supplementsTestosterone is a hormone which helps men maintain bone density, muscle strength and mass, sperm production, sex drive and fat distribution. It is primarily produced in the testicles and to a lesser extent, by the adrenal gland. A deficiency in testosterone can be attributed to any of these three areas, so the source is often difficult to identify.

Testosterone is quintessential male hormone for building muscle mass. Having normal level of testosterone is also crucial of a myriad of other benefits, including well being, enhanced energy, and improved athletic performance. Typically as your age increases, your testosterone level gradually decreases to the tune of approximately 1 percent each year after age 30. There are some methods to boost your testosterone levels. They are:


Resistance training has been shown to stimulate testosterone production, especially when taking 90 seconds break between sets.

Vitamin D

When you get your vitamin D from the sun or from supplements, it is positively correlated with increased testosterone levels.


A zinc deficiency can negatively impact your levels of testosterone. Zinc supplements, oysters, pork, crab and fortified cereals offer great services of this mineral.

Nuts and Legumes

These foods contain high levels of D-aspartic acid, which promotes the production of testosterone in humans. Soyabeans, lentils, salmon, beef and eggs are all great sources of this compound.


Garlic has a positive effect on testosterone levels. This ingredient is very easy to incorporate into your diet either by sprinkling garlic powder on your food or by including more garlic cloves when cooking.


Consuming caffeine can increase the concentration of testosterone. Good sources include coffee, chocolate and tea. But you have to be aware that more caffeine you consume, the greater effect it will have on your testosterone

 Get enough sleep

Poor sleep quality and having less than seven hours a night can slash your testosterone levels by more than 30 percent and dampen growth hormones, restricting your muscle-building potential.

Gobble some eggs

Eggs improve levels of healthy HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, an important building block needed for your body to manufacture testosterone. They are also loaded with protein and have plenty of testosterone-boosting zinc.


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